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Thursday, September 14th


#126. Recovering True Self: An Essential Paradigm Shift for All Healing and Recovery

Sandra Felt


#150. Not Beyond Hope: Harnessing the Psychological Power of Hope for Recovery and Beyond

Margaret Nagib


#199. Futurizing Addiction Treatment: Navigating the Evolving Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape

Zachary Rothenberg


Friday, September 15th


#200. Is Marijuana the New Big Tobacco

Kevin Sabet


#225. Marijuana Impacts on Adolescents

Allan Barger


#226. TRAUMA TREATMENT IN “THE CAVERNS”: Experiential Therapeutic Approach

Robert Chapman


#227. Disease, Disorder, Harm Reduction or Abstinence. Never Let Facts Stand In The Way of Dogma

Terrance Reeves


#228. Engaging Traumatized Families: A Transgenerational Approach to Families, Trauma, and Addiction

Michael Barnes


#229. Identification of Challenges in Providing Medical Assisted Treatment to Patients who are Receiving Medications from Other Providers

Todd Mandell


#230. Enneagram as a 12 Step Compatible Tool to Help Identify Barriers to Recovery

Greg Gable


#250. Pain, Addiction and The Opioid Epidemic

Stacy Seikel


#251. Compliance & Risk Issues in Healthcare Provider Reimbursement

Zachary Rothenberg


#252. Using Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)as an Initial Intervention in a Residential or Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Setting

Joseph Troncale


#255. How to Better Serve Our Clients by Practicing Self Care: Understanding Compassion Fatigue and Countertransference

Stephen Langley


#257. Implementing Medication Assisted Treatment within a Community Mental Health Center

Jonathan Craig Allen


#277. Practical Tools for Working with Youth & Young Adult Families

Kristy Roll


#278. A Model that will Motivate

Allyson Cole


#279. Assessment and Treatment of Virtual Attraction

Dino Liverano


#280. The Clinical and Medical Challenges of Treating Patients with Co-Occurring Chronic Pain and an Opioid Use Disorder

Mark Kraus


#281. Buprenorphine Diversion – The Elephant or the Mouse in the Room?

Jake Nichols


Saturday, September 16th


#300. Internet Addiction: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Treatment Considerations

David Greenfield


#325. Parent Trap: The Double Intervention

Sara Counes


#326. Opioid Epidemic- Examining the Past, Present and what the Future will be

Michael Harle


#327. Motivational Interviewing in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Peter Musser


#328. Shhh! Let’s Talk About Moderation for Mild and Moderate Alcohol Use Disorders

Cyndi Turner


#329. Opioid use disorders among mothers, including pregnant mothers

Surita Rao


#350. Advocating Made Easy: Pearls from our Peers

Yngvild Olsen


#351. Business Development/Service & Support – Accountability, Transparency and Integrity: A Business Development Solution-Focused Panel

Rick Hubbard & Ruth Ann Rigby


#352. Global Integration: The need today for standalone addiction services to strategize beyond their existing activities considering solutions towards sustainability

Christophe Sauerwein, Tim Leighton, Neil Brener and Raymond Tamasi


#353. Lost: Providing a Compass for Families

Jerri Avery


#356. Motivational Interviewing to Facilitate 12 Step Involvement

Stephen Andrew


#375. Healing Intergenerational Trauma and Addiction

Judith Landau


#376. Pharmacogenetics,Medication-Assisted Treatment and Sustained Engagement, MATand pharmacogenetics for Clients with a Co-Occurring Disorder

Patricia Allen


#377. Creatures of Addict: How our families get addicted…

Doug McGuirk


#378. Bridging Divides: 12 Step Recovery and Feminist, LGBTQ, and Atheist Populations

Eyglo Bjarnadottir


#381. Accountable Care: Measuring Treatment Fidelity and Outcomes

Siobhan Morse


Sunday, September 17th


#401. Evaluation and Management of Suicidal Ideation and Behavior

Sanchit Maruti


#500. Marijuana and the Synthetic Cannabinoids

Edwin Baker


#501. The Power of Groups Using Motivational Interviewing

Stephen Andrew


  • CCSAD is a wonderful conference bringing together addiction professionals of all types in one large collaborative setting. It has become an absolute must for me each year and provides excellent quality and value for continuing medical education.

  • This event was one of the most informative learning experiences I've ever had in my 28 years of work!

  • The Cape Cod Symposium is a primary source of new information and new developments in the field of addiction. It is my most important professional development activity every year. The reputation of the conference seems to just keep getting better and better. See you in September.

  • I have gone to many conferences in my over 30 years in the addiction field and I can say I like this one the best. It was professional people with great, knowledge, insights, and experiences getting together and sharing and supporting each other. That to me is what it is all about.

  • I look forward to this conference every year. I always leave with a full tool bag and a renewed confidence in new and exciting ways to take care of those suffering from addictions!

  • CCSAD continues to be the premier training and education event for the addiction field because it does so well what others try to do, but fall short. It provides the opportunity for the frontline practitioner and administrator to experience gold standard, relevant, challenging, thought-provoking, and meaningful content, while also offering unique networking opportunities that are both fun and renewing for the spirit. One simply can't do better!

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